QW is a programme of yoga, nutrition, biological therapies (hormones, infusions, dietary requirements) and cosmetic regeneration devised by maxine lena tobias and heather bird tchenguiz.

Maxine L Tobias has taught yoga for fifty years having studied under the guru BKS Iyengar. Heather B Tchenguiz is a yoga practitioner, a director of HB Health and London’s ACC (anti aging conference, now in its 14th year) Together they demonstrate the anti aging properties of yoga, and with a team of doctors and therapists they can advise and bring you the latest protocols for health and beauty of the future.

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“In reality, the field of human life is open and unbounded. At its deepest level, your body is ageless, your mind timeless.” Deepak Chopra

The heart connects with the boundless energy supporting all of life.  When we see the newly born of any species we are drawn magnetically towards the tiny miracle of life force.

Our brain identifies us as matter; arms, legs, etc  – but we exist in every cell of our body as energy. Ancient yogis knew what nuclear physics now confirms that we are in reality pure energy and as such, timeless and ageless.

Quantum Yoga helps us understand this spiritual awareness.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit meaning to yoke/join, and yoga is a series of connections from body,

breath, intelligence,  heart and soul.

The physical poses – asanas – are the best known and the easiest to apply in our everyday lives, but deep

breathing – pranayama – and meditation all play their part. Each pose has a particular effect upon the body. All

Yoga poses aid the major systems of the body:  muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, endocrine et al.

Without a doubt, nearly everyone can benefit from yoga BUT some of the poses have to be modified with props, different programmes applied according to the condition of the body. A young, healthy person can practice rigorously with more poses and flowing movements. An older person or where mitigating conditions supported remedial positions can be applied.

The Standing Poses stretch the spine, open the hips, improve balance and prepare the body for other poses.

The Forward Bending Poses aid relaxation, rest the heart and increase hip mobility.

The Spinal Twists   Increase peristaltic activity, an aid for detoxifying the liver and other internal organs. A healthy gut plays a major part in our overall health.

The Back Bending Poses are the most anti aging of all as the keep the spine from seizing up into the ‘dowager’s hump’ and they improve the muscles of the face and neck, arms and legs.

The Inversion Poses keep the brain alert, help regulate the thyroid gland and produce serenity. They are best practised by experienced students, not beginners.

Each organ regenerates at a different pace:  yoga poses, when practised deeply and regularly, change the memory pattern of each cell, slowing down the degenerative process. You are what you eat and you are how you move. It is without doubt that quantum yoga is a perfect anti aging system.

The male god Shiva is impotent without his female consort

An acceptance of the divine female principles; intuition, affection, sympathy and fidelity is to acknowledge the spiritual energy that nurtures the human psyche and creates civilised societies. Without them, wars are inevitable. In Hindu Mythology without the female energy ‘shakti’ the world cannot be created. Understanding the creative female energy and its connection with the eternal cosmos is to be in the flow; the journey to love and wholeness. To be empowered as a woman, especially as we age, is becoming more possible as long as we can maintain our health.  Women want to be beautiful; it is their nature dictated by the female hormones.  Ever since Adam first bit the apple the female has been portrayed as having sensual power over a man. But sadly crises in our life’s journey can cause us to spiral downwards into feeling that all of our female power is leaching away. Quantum Yoga does not deny that we age, only that we can age, agelessly. As we grow older we must take on a new paradigm for radiant health and become the architect of our own future and not let the existing conventions deter us from this path.

 Cosmetic Enhancement   How look and present ourselves to the world is important.

Changing your appearance cosmetically can enhance your confidence and there are many new and exciting developments in cosmetic procedures.  Quantum Wellness offers information for many of these cutting edge procedures as well as dietary and biological medicine protocols but the ultimate make-over is to change the way that you stand, the way that you move, and how you think.

  Relaxation Deep breathing helps us to relax. It is a panacea that restores the inner calm essential for being beautiful.  The everyday demands from children, careers and home making are tiring. Being completely exhausted takes its toll and depletes the immune system. Knowing how to relax is essential for health. To be constantly in the mode of ‘fight and flight’ depresses the immune system. A period of meditation each day assists in recovery and rejuvenation.

It is important to be circumspect when practising yoga. The body has to be guided into positions that free up the spine, shoulders and hips. Simple movements practised with integrity will increase mobility and cleanse the internal organs. A period of relaxation at the end of a yoga session is vitally important. The term Quantum Yoga is used to convey that within the ordinary sense of reality is a greater sense of the extra ordinariness of life which is understood in the ‘heart’, the spiritual centre of your being.  When you live from ‘the heart’ you will live miraculously for the miracle is you. True growth and change in Yoga is the overwhelming sense of living with compassion not as an emotional ideal but as a positive and active force for the understanding of your own humanity and for the world.